Pet Friendly Apartments in Renton

Finding pet friendly Renton apartments can be tough. Here at The Preserve at Cedar River we certainly understand how important it is to have our companions by our side. That's why we are a pet friendly community. We love your pets as much as you do.

  • Only Cats and Dogs are permitted, and the number of pets is limited to 2 per apartment. Pets must weigh less than 70lbs.
  • In order to keep the grounds clean and sanitary, all pets must be taken to the outside perimeter of the Community for their toilet purposes. It will be a violation of these rules if any resident simply "turns out the pet" and recalls it at his convenience. This does include cats.
  • Pets must be "on leash" at all times when outside the apartment.
  • Pets are not to be tied or staked outside the apartment. Residents may not leave a pet on balconies, porches or patios for extended periods of time.
  • Patios should be kept clean of pet droppings. During hot weather, especially, odors from such can be extremely offensive to neighbors. Also, pet food may not be left outside as it will attract pests.
  • The resident will be asked to remove any pet that constantly bothers other residents, whether inside or outside, or constitutes a problem or obstruction to the agents and employees of the Manager or Owner from properly performing their functions, duties and responsibilities. If resident fails to remove said pet following complaints from residents and requests from management within ten (10) calendar days, the Lease may be terminated.
  • Breed restrictions apply to dogs. Restricted breeds are Dobermans, Pitbulls, Rotweilers, Boxers, Mastiffs, Dalmations, American Stafford Terriers, Chows, or dogs under 1 year of age, and all such animals are strictly prohibited. Assistance animals for the disabled are not considered to be pets and are not subject to the aforementioned type, breed or age restrictions. However, assistance animals for the disabled still require prior written approval of management.
  • Resident agrees that resident must notify management immediately in the event they get a pet(s) during their lease term. The pet(s) will be added to the lease along with the applicable pet rent and pet deposit which is due immediately. See leasing office for details.

Pet Friendly Apartments Renton